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GAS(The Hi-Pointe) The band is wrapping up as the Cars’ “Drive” plays over the sound system. We left Dave P. downstairs with his lemon tonic water to inspect the lost driver’s licenses pinned to the wall. We arrived too late. Spent too much time at the Atomic Cowboy, where nothing could’ve been more out of place then the three of us. Waste of time, that was -- for the Atomic Cowboy and for us. Jay disagrees, says it wasn’t a lost night. “People shouldn’t insulate themselves so much,” he begins. “Whether an ethnic group or clique -- like goths, or punk rockers, or anybody -- it’s natural to be around people who share your passion about the same things. But if you only surround yourself with those people and you’re not open to being exposed to a diversity of interests and you completely conform to the thinking that’s in that group -- whether it’s religious, political or whatever -- it’s stifling. People need to make an effort to get out and mix with other people.” Through the window looms the enormous Amoco sign. The price of gas has gone down. Finally.