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This year, I was asked to produce the promotional graphics for the Cinema St Louis International Film Festival. The above image is for this summer's showcase of local filmmakers. The idea of a paratrooper decending on the city came from a legend I've heard about a skydiver who attempted landing on the St Louis arch. Apparently, he made the landing successfully, but after landing, he slipped off the top and fell to his death. Whether the story is true or not, I don't know. But that's where the concept began. Then, Derek Bryant, a good friend of mine, subversive advertising genius in the line of Howard Gossage, and former colleague with whom I often worked while I was an art director for an advertising agency came up with the idea of a multitude of paratroopers descending on the city, like the 101 Airborne Division during World War II. Another influence was the Beatles' Yellow Submarine. Although the client says they can't see the connection, believe me, it's there, if only in spirit. At any rate, while I was working on the image, the song Yellow Submarine was repeating itself in my head in the most disturbing way.

The fruition of Derek's concept, and the true barrage of filmmaker paratroopers, will be depicted in this fall's final promotional poster. The image for the showcase is meant to be a prelude.