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arts&entertainment.150 OF COURSE that projectile is the Venus of Willendorf! The idea behind this image is the manifestation of asking myself, while eating breakfast the other day, the question, "What would it be like to punt the Venus of Willendorf into outer space from the surface of the moon?" For the remaining section illustrations, I've decided to dust off and include a few characters first introduced through the YOU ARE HERE columns I used to produce for the RFT. "Cap'n Clown" (or "Cap'n Carny" or Cap'n Carnage"...haven't decided yet), shown here in a space suit, is not one of those characters. But I included him in the masthead of the MUSIC section illustration and thought he deserved to be showcased elsewhere. What better place than in outer space on a planet (or perhaps the moon?) where gravity is practically non-existent?