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Above is the second page for the short graphic story, THE WARRANT, meant for inclusion in the next book, FOLKTALES. I can't remember the last time a single page for a graphic story took me so long to complete. It was very important to me to illustrate that '06 Shelby Limited beautifully (as well as the engine) (I wanted the viewer to want to eat it, literally (crumple up the page and throw it in the mouth - in that way you want to consume someone with whom you're in love or at least an ice cream cone on a very, very hot day), that it psyched me out for at least a month. I've never had that happen before. Whether I accomplished that, I don't know. I hope it was worth the stress and procrastination. It is, if nothing else, an indication of the growing significance I put on every aspect and detail to a graphic short story. And, incidentally, those new mustangs aren't only beautiful and powerful, they're also fuel efficient (something like 30 miles per gallon - a new one for American power cars!).