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I've decided to post next week's episode of BELLIGERENT PIANO early, mainly out of excitement. I mentioned the fluidity in narrative exploration and character development that this weekly strip allows: Well, here's a perfect example of that: Within a quick sequence of recollection, we get a broadly brushed idea of the cowboy's past. I hadn't really expected the narrative to move in this direction, but am very glad it did. Again, this is why working on BELLIGERENT PIANO as a weekly strip allows for character development in a unique and exciting way - it allows for these digressive pockets of opportunity, making the writing process very improvisational and spontaneous. BELLIGERENT PIANO, from its inception, was always meant to be an epic graphic novel exploring the characters of THE GREAT AMERICAN MYTHOLOGICAL DRAMA in a surreal, fictitious world - a fantastical world of myth - American myth. The weekly strip format, with its calculated pacing, is truly proving to be a perfect format for meeting that ultimate goal.

I also really like that, during this intense moment, where the cowboy has the Loser down on his knees cleaning the tip of his boots with his tongue, pistol pointed at the Loser's sweaty forehead, the cowboys daydreaming - not even really in the moment at all.