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Well, relatively soon anyway. The second in a series of booklets expanding on the "myth of Jack" - Jackie No-name, that is: The protagonist of my "epic and surreal" exploration into the Great American Mythological Drama, BELLIGERENT PIANO. As many of my scripts tend to begin as prose sketches, some of which are meant to articulate the voices of the various characters, I've endeavored to find a place for those sketches - as well as various songs, poems, drawings, etc - as a way to hopefully expound on the characters, sceneries, and moods, thereby giving greater dimensionality to the "myth" that I'm attempting to explore, both in BELLIGERENT PIANO, as well as ABANDONED CARS and FOLKTALES.Below is the cover for the second volume of MYTH OF JACK. As with the first volume, I expect to include a supplementary CD of "radio dramas". Below are a couple influences for the cover - both IWW images from early in the last century. And here's a picture of me taken around 1995 at the tender age of twenty-four, on Florida Street in San Francisco, at a time when I was scouting out the West Oakland Freight Yards in search of a ride to Portland. I add it for no other reason than sentimentality and fond recollection of my own bindle stiff days in seeking the myth of Jack myself. O time, O loss, as Thomas Wolfe might say: All these memories will vanish like tears in the rain.