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Once again, the second annual WHIRLING GYPSY COMICAROUSELESQUE REVUE & BURLESQUE was thwarted by our scheduled host's, THE MAGIC DWINDLER, absence. And once again, he offered an apology by way of a communique wired to me only an hour before the performance. Below is the documentation of that apology, thanks to the very talented Michael Murdock, who happened to have a recorder on-hand. Stay tuned for further footage of the "performances" of both WHIRLING GYPSY #'s 1 & 2. [vimeo w=400&h=300]

Untitled from Timothy Lane on Vimeo.



[vimeo]NOTES ON WEDNESDAY NIGHT'S CAROUSEL PERFORMANCE AT SUBTERRANEAN BOOKS: The adventure and exploration into the performance of words & images that is to be at the heart of THE WHIRLING GYPSY COMICAROUSELESQUE REVUE & BURLESQUE WITH YOUR HOST THE MAGIC DWINDLER was sadly thwarted in its first engagement because our expected host, THE MAGIC DWINDLER (who many months ago agreed to be the regular Master of Ceremonies), failed to make an appearance. He did, however, cable me an apology with instructions to read it in his absence. The above film clip is a portion of that statement of apology - a statement that went on for some time, and, in fact, seemed to go on forever. So long, in fact, that apparently the person who shot the footage ran out of tape before it concluded. Nevertheless, DWINDLER has promised me that he'll be there for next month's show. Things went a little dippy as a result, but since this whole endeavor is an experiment and work-in-progress, one really can't expect seamlessness, especially on the first night, and I expect we'll learn as we go along. Stay tuned for more footage of the actual carousel performances: I'll post them after some editing. And a special thanks to my performers, accomplices, and hired goons: Scott Phillips, Jed Ayres, Kristen Valaika, Franklin Oros (who wasn't there, but helped me compile sound FX, soundtracks, & the AMERICAN STANDARD AIR commercials & jingles; and Adam Wand. And, of course, thank you Subterranean Books for the great venue, patient support, and blind faith.